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About Us

The Collaborative Program in Women's Health is a new collaborative graduate program at the University of Toronto that is the first of its kind in Canada. Given the breadth of its disciplinary representation it is also likely the first of its kind internationally.

The purpose of the program is to provide graduate students across the University the opportunity to interact and be mentored by more senior researchers engaged in women's health research and to gain experience in the multidisciplinary approaches necessary to do women's health research.

Regardless of the department or faculty to which they belong, all students will be given scholarly opportunities to interrogate their projects in the context of women's health.

The program includes shared learning experiences including a student seminar that meets once a month and a core course that will commence in January 2013 (winter semester). Students will also participate in the Women's College Research Institute's Graduate Student Research Day that already has an eleven year history of giving graduate students from all disciplines at the University of Toronto the opportunity to present their work in a multidisciplinary format. For more information on the Collaborative Program in Women's Health, view a slide presentation developed by program director Gillian Einstein. This slide show was presented at the program's recent launch event.

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Collaborative Graduate Program in Women's Health

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