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Women and HIV Research Program

Women are under-represented in HIV research. In Canada, women are one of the fastest growing population groups at risk for HIV infection, now representing about 20 per cent of cases in Canada (40 per cent worldwide). Women living with HIV face different issues than men including unique complications of infection, sex-specific side effects from anti-HIV treatments, emotional and mental health support needs, as well as unique concerns around pregnancy.

The Women and HIV Research Program at WCRI is led by Dr. Mona Loutfy. The program works in partnership with Maple Leaf Medical Clinic (MLMC), where Dr. Loutfy serves as research director.

Canadian HIV Women’s Sexual & Reproductive Health Cohort Study (CHIWOS)

Working in collaboration with research teams in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and most recently Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Dr. Loutfy is leading a study (named CHIWOS) that aims to better understand how women use women-centred HIV care in those provinces. The study is also assessing the impact of these services on health outcomes. The team has made specific efforts to include harder-to-reach, vulnerable populations and women from ethno-cultural and ethno-racial groups to ensure that the full range of women’s health issues and experiences are captured. The study also involves HIV-positive women at all stages of the research process.


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Read the 2016 report from from the Aboriginal Women’s Research Initiative, “Strong Women’s Bear Journey”

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