Structure and Guiding Principles

Women's College Research Institute has an interdisciplinary faculty of scientists, most of whom are also active clinicians at Women's College Hospital. Our faculty are cross-appointed at the University of Toronto and we are an active part of our University community. We are committed to creating health knowledge benefiting women across the lifespan.

The Women's College Research Institute has three key areas of research focus:

  • improving women's health
  • helping people prevent and manage complex chronic conditions
  • delivering innovative health system solutions

Guiding Principles

Our research agenda and actions are shaped by our guiding principles:

Research conducted with scientific rigour

Research that is conducted with partners across Toronto, Canada, and the world

Research that responds to diverse women's health concerns

Research that meets the highest ethical standard

Research that responds to gaps in health care

Research that is shared in a timely and meaningful way

Social Responsibility
Research with a global perspective that values social justice

Reporting Relationships
Dr. Sacha Bhatia is the Interm Executive Lead, Academics at Women's College Hospital. Katharine Schwartz, Director, Research Operations, oversees research services.

Fully affiliated with

A member of

Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO)