Research Grant Administration

This page is intended primarily for the research faculty and staff of the Women's College Research Institute and Women's College Hospital.

Research Grant Administration Procedures Manual 

The Research Grant Administration Procedures Manual provides detailed guidance on many aspects of research at Women's College Hospital including:

  • critical information needed for grant applications
  • the process for having grant applications approved by the vice-president, research
  • the process for having research contracts/agreements with funding agencies approved
  • research accounting details including how to establish and access an account, and submit funding requisitions and purchasing orders
  • human resources contacts

**The procedures manual is currently being updated. For inquiries about grant administration procedures, please contact

Women's College Revenue and Expense Code

For a list of WCH commonly used account codes (changes as of October 2013), click here.

To download a form, click on the link below and choose save, then place the document on your own computer. Opening these files online and working on them before saving to your computer is less secure and risks losing all of your work.

WCRI Form No. 001 - Request for new grant account (opening of cost centre)
WCRI Form No. 002 - Cost Centre Change Authorization Form
WCRI Form No. 003 - Disbursement Requisition (issuance of cheques for payments with no invoices)
WCRI Form No. 003R - Recurring Disbursement
WCRI Form No. 004 - Deposit Request (cheque or cash deposit to the cashier)
WCRI Form No. 007 - Internal Transfers (revenue/cost transfers)

Travel pre-approval Form
Research Activity Submission Form
Focus Group Honorarium
Invoice Template

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