REB Members

The Research Ethics Board of Women's College Hospital is chaired by Dr. Nancy Walton. The board meets monthly to review research protocols submitted to the board and to recommend policies and procedures governing the ethical conduct of research at WCH.

Melissa Sidhu is the REB Coordinator and is the primary contact for all communication to and from the board. For questions about ethics and ethical review at Women's College Hospital, or to submit a proposal for review, please contact the REB Office at 416-351-3732 ext. 2723 or 2325 or by email at

Board Membership

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Research Ethics Board Members
All REB members carry the status of Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents of Canada
Name Area of Expertise Constituency Member Gender
Nancy Walton RN, BScN, PhD Ethics, Scientist, Nursing Chair, Scientific, Non-affiliated F
An-Wen Chan MD DPhil (Oxon) FRCPC DABD Dermatology, Research Methodology, Surgery  Vice-Chair, Scientific, Affiliated M
Sara Azargive LLB  Legal Expert  Privacy/Legal, Non-affiliated  F
Rebecca Babcock BA, MA Ethics, Community Non-scientific, Non-affiliated F
Jeffrey Bagg LLB Legal Expert Privacy/Legal, Non-affiliated M
Kaye Beeston BA Retired Teacher Community, Non-scientific, Non-affiliated F
Anita Benoit PhD Aboriginal Women's Health and HIV Research Scientific, Affiliated F
Darleen Bogart BA Volunteerism, Community Community, Non-scientific, Non-affiliated F
Nicole Bourgeois RD, MSc Family Medicine, Registered Dietitian Scientific, Affiliated F
Lihi Eder MD, PhD Genetic, Clinical Epidemiology Scientific, Affiliated F
Jennifer Price RN, BNSc, MScN, PhD, ACNP, CNN(C) Cardiology, Nursing Scientific, Affliliated F
Ruby Shanker MBBS, MHSc Community Medicine, Ethics Ethics, Scientific, Affiliated  F
Sony Sierra MD, FRCPC, MSc Gynecology  Scientific, Affiliated
Vess Stamenova PhD Cognitive Neuroscience, Health System Research Scientific, Affiliated  F
Michelle van der Vecht BA  Insurance, Ethics, Religion Community/Ethics, Non-scientific, Non-affiliated  F
Sue Williams RN (retired), BNSc, MEd Nursing, Education Scientific, Affiliated F
Alison Wong BSc, MSc Immunology Scientific, Non-Affiliated F
Ex-Officio Members
Melissa Sidhu Coordinator
Non-Voting Member, Affiliated F
Maha Zawi Assistant
Non-Voting Member, Affiliated F



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