General Resources and Opportunities

ICES@UofT Access
WCRI has an ICES Appointed Analyst who works collaboratively with principal investigators and research teams on projects involving ICES data. The analyst contributes to the development of data set creation and analysis plans. Dr. Iliana Lega is the ICES UofT Scientific Lead for WCH and individuals can contact her with new projects that they wish to undertake with support from the Appointed Analyst. To learn more please contact –

Academic Rounds
Academic Rounds cover the full spectrum of WCH’s research diversity and focus on a wide range of topics. Presenters include scientists and trainees, WCH physicians and healthcare professionals, local and international guest speakers, and visiting professors. All are welcome to attend.

N2 Online Education Program
WCRI is a member of N2, which provides the opportunity to complete certificates in Good Clinical Practice, Responsible Conduct of Research, and Biomedical Research Ethics. Course modules can be completed online and are available to everyone at WCH and WCRI. To learn more please contact

The Research Clinic
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Research Integrity and Office for Human Research Protections has released The Research Clinic, a complimentary, online, interactive training video that educates clinical and social researchers about research misconduct, and protecting research subjects.

Commercialization of Intellectual Property

  • IP Policy
  • Invention Disclosure Form

If you believe you have IP to commercialize, please contact –