Grants Office

The WCH Grants Office provides support and administration for all research grants and awards. In any instance where a grant or award requires an institutional authorization, applicants are required to submit materials to the Grants Office in a timely manner (see below). The Grants Office can facilitate the following activities related to grants and awards at the associated phases:


  • Proposal and content development
  • Institutional authorization
  • Editorial review
  • Budget development
  • Risk analysis
  • SGBA+ Consultation
  • Funding communications and searches
  • Agency communications and liaisons
  • Boilerplate templates and application development resources (available upon request)

Award Finalization:

  • Grant agreements (in association with Research Contracts)
  • Cost centre setup (in association with Research Finance)
  • Liaise with internal and external partners to onboard funding

If you wish to be added to our funding newsletter mailing list, please contact

All signature requests for grants and awards must be accompanied by the following items, received 10 business days in advance of the agency/sponsor deadline:

  • Proposal (draft)
  • Budget •
  • Budget justification
  • Partnership details (including letters of support, if available)
  • Signature pages
  • Completed and Signed Research Activity Form (RAF) (see Forms, below)


For additional information, please contact: