Research Finance

*These forms are hosted on the intranet. Please ensure you’re onsite or connected through VPN in order to access.


Please Journal Transfer forms to Needhi Rajdev (along with back up).

Business Office 3rd Floor Room 3242

Please note that the following items are required for cheque submissions:

  • Physical cheque
  • Supporting documentation for cheque (invoice, letter, email, contract, etc.)
  • The cost centre number (41XXXXXXX)
  • Contact information

Note: All cheques should be addressed to: Women’s College Hospital – Attn: Research Finance Room 6131 76 Grenville Street Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1B2 **Supporting Documentation must confirm where cheques are to be deposited to.

Work with  Needhi Rajdev to determine the expense amount for claim. Complete the Foundation Request Form and get the signatures and submit to Women’s College Hospital Foundation.


Always include proof of purchase for reimbursement (i.e. Transaction receipts and credit card statement) especially if purchase is of foreign currency.

Reimbursement must have itemized original receipts included. Lost receipts will not be reimbursed.

WCH does not provide financial support for this type of recognition, including gifts, catering or decorations and will not reimburse individuals for expenses incurred. In the case of bereavement, flowers may be appropriate, managers to apply their own discretion. Grants are not allowed to be used to fund Staff Appreciation Events. WCH supports gifts to staff members and celebrations through approved programs (long-term service awards etc.).

Credit card statements are used to verify foreign currency conversions and when receipts provided do no show a zero balance. The credit card statement must be used to verify how much was spent.

Teams need to submit the following: research activities form, REB approval, their budget and a fully executed signed agreement, contract, award letter, funding letter or email. Once these documents are in place you can reach out to open a new cost centre for your study.


For further information related to research finance please contact:

For more information on cost centres, please contact: