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Undergraduate Summer Program

WCRI is reaching out to undergraduate students in the formative stages of their education who may be considering the option of a research career. The WCRI Summer Student Research Program is a training program designed specifically for this group. Please visit Careers at Women's College Hospital to view posted positions for this program. 

The WCRI Summer Student Program

The WCRI Summer Student Program places undergraduate students with faculty from WCRI at Women's College Hospital in a summer internship program that has proven very successful for all involved. Student placements are full-time (37.5 hours a week) for a minimum of 12 weeks to a maximum of 16 weeks. Students will receive a modest salary in return for their work in this program. In addition to the specific project tasks, students in the WCRI Summer Student Program attend a series of research skills sessions exploring different aspects of the research process and focusing on the skills necessary for successful women's health research. As part of this series, each student makes a presentation based on their summer research project. Some students also have the opportunity to shadow clinicians in their respective clinics.

If you have any questions, please contact: Sarah Tang, Research Operations Assistant

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Undergraduate Summer Program

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