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Training Opportunities
There are many different forms of training available at the Familial Breast Cancer Research Unit, from academic supervision to summer student volunteer positions. If you are interested in finding out more about these opportunities, please contact us at narodstudy@wchospital.ca.

Research Participation
We appreciate your interest in our research. Our studies would not be possible without the ongoing support, dedication, and collaboration from the many women that participate in them.We are actively recruiting interested participants for our many initiatives. If you would like to become a study volunteer please review our current projects page. If you are unsure if you are eligible to participate in a study, one of our staff members would be happy to help you.



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Dr. Steven Narod, Director

Familial Breast Cancer Research Unit
Women's College Research Institute
76 Grenville Street, 6th Floor, Toronto, ON, Canada M5G 1N8

Phone: (416) 351-3765
(416) 351-3768
(416) 351-3793

Fax: (416) 351-3767

Email: narodstudy@wchospital.ca

Thank you for making our research possible.

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  • University of Toronto

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