Women's College Research Institute

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Research Team




Steven Narod, MD, FRCP


Kelly Metcalfe, RN, PhD

Joanne Kotsopoulos, PhD

Mohammad Akbari, MD, PhD

Genetic Counsellors

Dawn Lee, MSc

Aletta Poll, MSc

Nicole Gojska, MSc, MSc


Ping Sun, PhD

Research Administrator

Dianna Seth

Executive Research Assistant

Ellen MacDougall, MBT

Research Coordinator

Sophia Virani, MSc

Research Assistants

Vasily Giannakeas, MPH

Megan Nguyen

Farah Shoukat, MD, CCRP

Research Technologist/ Administrative Coordinator

Robert Royer, MHSc (Health Admin), PMP, CHE

Laboratory Technicians

Erin Sellars, MSc

Shiyu Zhang, MD


Humayun Ahmed, MSc candidate

Lindsay Carlsson, PhD candidate

Javaid Iqbal, MD, MSc candidate

Shana Kim, MSc candidate

Olivia Moran, MSc candidate

Pamela Ng, H.BSc

Victoria Sopik, MSc, PhD candidate

Research Students

David Bobrowski, BSc candidate

Fariba Tanhaei, MD

Humaira Jahangir, MD

Mornisha Panchalingam, H.BSc candidate

Mirella Mazza H.BSc, BScN candidate

Research Volunteers

Asrafi Azmi, MD, MPH

Shahana Nargis, MD

Clotilde Ngwa, MD

Sujohn Prodhan, H.BSc

Hannah Horvath, BSc candidate

Sophia Glisch, H.BSc candidate

Cindy Zhang, BSc candidate

Alireza Khademi

Catherine Ho, BSc

Last updated August 1, 2016.

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  • University of Toronto

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  • Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO)