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Mental Health

Women's College Research Institute defines health broadly, focusing not just on physical needs but also on women's mental health and the health of their relationships. Our view of women's health is holistic, leading us to develop research initiatives - and ultimately clinical programs - that combine physical and mental health supports, treatments and preventative care.

The Women's Mental Health Research Program
The Women's Mental Health Research Program explores the biological and social factors that shape women's mental health. In partnership with the clinical Women's Mental Health Program at Women's College Hospital, the program also has a strong health services research component - looking for ways to improve the services women receive when they seek mental health care. Within this program there are areas of research focus:

Violence and Health Research Program
The Violence and Health Research Program focuses on the impact of violence on women's health and the health system's response to women's needs. Researchers embrace a multidisciplinary view of health, encompassing psychosocial, biological and environmental determinants. Their research interests included evidence-based anti-violence training for health care professionals and the intersections between health, judicial and social services in responses to violence against women.

The Shirley Brown Chair in Women's Mental Health

Created in honour of a young lawyer who succumbed to severe depression, the Shirley Brown Chair in Women’s Mental Health Research was established and endowed by a community-based fundraising campaign led by the Brown family. The Shirley Brown Chair in Women's Mental Health Research aims to bring research disciplines together to explore issues that address both the biological and social aspects of women's mental health. In 2012, the inaugural Shirley Brown Chair in Mental Health Research Clinician-Scientist Award was awarded to Dr. Simone Vigod.

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