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Musculoskeletal Health

It is estimated that more than one in every five visits to a primary care provider concerns a musculoskeletal condition. Musculoskeletal concerns like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis disproportionately affect women and are primarily treated in an ambulatory setting. As an academic ambulatory care centre, Women's College Hospital is working to develop new models for more comprehensive programs and to develop multidisciplinary knowledge about best practices in care for these conditions.

Canadian Osteoarthritis Research Program (CORP)
CORP brings together a multidisciplinary team of researchers from several institutions and a variety of disciplinary backgrounds including rheumatology, orthopedic surgery, sleep and pain medicine, mental health, epidemiology/health services research, and the behavioural sciences. Led by Dr. Gillian Hawker, CORP's objective is to reduce the impact of osteoarthritis in people living with this condition by increasing our understanding of the cause, consequences and time course of pain in affected individuals. 

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