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New online training to address the common but poorly understood impacts of sexual assault

December 2016

With new funding from the Ontario Women’s Directorate, Women’s College Hospital is developing online, interactive training to help health and social service providers to better assist women who have experienced sexual assault.

WCRI scientists Robin Mason, PhD, Janice Du Mont, EdD, and Sheila MacDonald, provincial coordinator of the Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Care and Treatment Centres, recognize that behaviours and reactions subsequent to sexual assault can be confusing for those trying to help survivors. Misunderstandings about “appropriate” reactions to sexual assault perpetuate negative stereotypes about sexual assault which may further traumatize survivors.

“We hope to challenge negative stereotypes and improve care for sexual assault survivors by educating public opinion leaders, including doctors, other health professionals and community service workers,” Du Mont says.

 “We are grateful that the province continues to invest in improving responses to sexual assault and gendered violence,” Mason says.

The resource will be housed online on the DVeducation.ca website, where there are three other courses available on supporting survivors of violence.

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