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WCH welcomes a delegation from the Republic of Zambia

July 2015

In late May, Women’s College Hospital (WCH) welcomed a group of six delegates from the Republic of Zambia as part of a study tour led by Zambia’s Ministry of Gender and Child Development.

During their tour, Zambian officials arranged meetings with Canadian government and non-profit agencies to exchange ideas and experiences, in hopes of developing recommendations to reduce gender-based violence in both nations. 

Because of her reputation as a leader in the field of gender-based violence – and the 20 years of exemplary academic and health research at Women’s College Research Institute (WCRI) – Janice Du Mont, EdD, scientist at WCRI, was approached by the group for a meeting. Together, they organized a knowledge-sharing session at WCH with a special focus on efforts to curb violence against women and treat victims from an academic/health-related perspective.

The meeting opened with a greeting by Marylin Emery, president and CEO of WCH, and Dr. Paula Rochon, vice-president of research at WCH. Zambian gender analyst Emma Phiri Shamalimba summarized the purpose and progress of the group’s tour, and several WCH experts shared their perspectives, including Du Mont, scientist Robin Mason, PhD, and Sheila Macdonald, MN, provincial coordinator of the Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centres (SA/DVTCs) and clinical manager of the treatment centre at WCH.

The team shared its three-pronged approach to tackling violence against women: practice, research and education. Macdonald described the acute care response provided by the SA/DVTC at WCH, while Du Mont described her evaluations of the services offered by the Ontario Network of SA/DVTCs and the use of Statistics Canada data to better understand gender-based violence. As well, Mason explained her work in the development and evaluation of online curricula that train healthcare providers to better meet the needs of victims of violence.

The meeting ended with a fruitful discussion about some of the challenges that are faced in Canada and Zambia and how the two countries might collaborate to tackle violence against women.

According to Du Mont, “The meeting was an exceptional opportunity to learn from Zambian experts about their critical initiatives to address this complex issue.” 

Women’s College Hospital (WCH) welcomed a group of six delegates from the Republic of Zambia
Left to right: Paula Rochon, Vice-President of Research, WCH; Namatama Mildred Pumulo Sakabilo, Assistant Director, Gender Rights Protection, Ministry of Gender and Child Development, Republic of Zambia; Janice Du Mont, Scientist, WCRI; Emma Phiri Shamalimba, Gender Analyst, Central Statistical Office, Republic of Zambia; Norbert Mweene Bukoka, Assistant Director, Planning and Information, Ministry of Gender and Child Development, Republic of Zambia; Robin Mason, Scientist, WCRI; Richard Simfukwe Mulwanda, Provincial Child Coordinator, Ministry of Gender and Child Development, Republic of Zambia; Daisy Kosa, research assistant at the Ontario Network of SA/DVTCs and WCRI; Robert Ngosa, Officer In Charge, Petauke Police, Republic of Zambia; Chief Nyamphande, Traditional Ruler, House of Chiefs, Republic of Zambia; Sheila Macdonald, Provincial Coordinator, Ontario Network of SA/DVTCs; Sabiha Merchant, Special Projects Coordinator, WCRI.


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