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Diabetes research network consults WCH

June 2016

Canadian researchers have launched a national research network to improve diabetes care with help from Women’s Xchange consultation services.  Women’s Xchange works with research teams to enhance the integration of sex and gender throughout their projects.

The Canadian Institutes for Health Research has awarded $12.45 million in funding to be matched by partners for each of five research networks on chronic disease, including the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Network in Diabetes and Related Complications.  Two of Canada’s top researchers in the field will lead the network: Gary Lewis at the University of Toronto and Jean-Pierre Després at Université Laval, the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute and Alliance santé Québec. “Our network is committed to examining the effects of sex, gender and equity issues in all of the research we conduct,” Dr. Lewis said. “We need to better understand the effects of these critically important factors on the risk for diabetes complications and their effects on all new therapies we will test to prevent diabetes complications. We turned to Women’s Xchange for expertise in this field.”

Women’s Xchange, based at Women’s College Hospital, is advising the network on how to integrate sex and gender into study designs, analyses and treatment protocols for the project’s five-year duration. Taking into account how diabetes affects men and women differently is important for developing equitable and effective interventions in the care of diabetes complications, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes.

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