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Impact April 2012

Impact April 2012

This issue: infusing research into clinical care

Tailoring health care for recent South Asian immigrants

Many people in low-income countries view breast cancer as a curse and a death sentence. Women who seek treatment frequently risk divorce or abandonment...

Breaking down health-care silos for women
This year’s International Women’s Day was a special one for Women’s College scientist Dr. Robin Mason. That’s because on March 8 2012, Mason and her colleague Dr. Brenda Toner (CAMH) presented their innovative new curriculum...

Antipsychotic drugs during pregnancy: building a best practice
A growing number of women with serious mental illness are becoming pregnant, says Dr. Simone Vigod Women’s College psychiatrist ...

Crossroads Clinic spurs refugee research, informs care
In 2011, Canada accepted approximately 27,000 refugees with 25 to 35 per cent settling in Toronto. Arriving in Canada with the hope of a better life...

The Ontario Health Study recruiting via Women’s College clinics
The Ontario Health Study (OHS) is well on its way to becoming one of the largest health studies ever conducted in North America...


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