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Alcohol consumption has been a hot topic in the media this fall, with scientists from Women's College Research Institute being sought out for their expert views on several recently published studies examining the impact of drinking on various women's health issues.

Fall 2011

Dr. Taylor

Dr. Valerie Taylor, psychiatrist-in-chief at Women's College Hospital, associate scientist at Women's College Research Institute and professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, was recently quoted across Canada in 22 media stories.

The blitz was spurred by a recent study out of the University of Missouri, which found that college students – especially young women – are going hungry to save money and calories for binge drinking.

"Young women are under a lot of social pressure to stay slim and avoid the 'freshman fifteen,'" says Dr. Taylor. "If they can only consume so many calories a day that's going to come from alcohol."

Taylor says that these "drunkorexics" are at greater risk of becoming sexual assault victims and suffering from substance abuse and eating disorders later in life.

"These kids are adapting to their environment and bending to pressure to avoid weight gain, save money and fit in," says Taylor. "But the behaviours they're adopting are dangerous and unhealthy."


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