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Minister of Health announces Women's College Hospital: Women's Exchange

July 2013

Women’s Exchange at Women’s College Research Institute in TorontoOn May 16, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Deb Matthews announced the creation of Women’s Exchange, a new centre based at Women’s College Hospital that will support a more equitable and sustainable health-care system for all Ontarians.

“Our government is continuously looking for better ways to improve patient care,” says Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. “The research that will be conducted at the Women’s Exchange will help us address the unique priorities of women’s health and will ensure our health providers are delivering the best evidence-based care to the people of this province.”

Funded by the Health Services Research Fund, the new Centre will “mainstream” gender-sensitive and community-engaged health research in Ontario. Through knowledge translation activities, it will also ensure that research shapes and impacts upon clinical care and community programming.

Women’s College Hospital: Women’s Exchange will engage diverse stakeholders and communities to ensure their needs are addressed and met by research,” says Dr. Paula Rochon, Vice-president, Research, Women’s College Hospital. “It will not only support community-engaged research, but it will leverage and mobilize the knowledge that has already been generated.”

The Centre will leverage the expertise housed at Women’s College Hospital to grow momentum in women’s health research throughout Ontario. Rochon explains that this increased capacity and commitment to support healthier women is critical to advance health and health systems for all Ontarians.

Heather McPherson, Vice-President, Patient Care and Ambulatory Innovation, Women’s College Hospital, agrees.

“The Women’s Exchange will continue to build on Women’s College Hospital’s commitment to extend our reach to communities of women,” says McPherson. “It will enable our work to pinpoint where gaps in care exist across the province, and to develop strategies to address those gaps,” says McPherson.

Minister Deb Matthew’s announcement at Women’s College Hospital’s Women’s College Research Institute was attended by representatives from the Ministries of Health and Long-Term Care, Education, and Community and Social Services, as well as from the LHIN and CCAC senior leadership teams, the Ontario Women’s Directorate, and the recipients of Health Services Research Fund Program Awards (which were announced at the same event).

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