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Dr. John Semple receives award from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

From Connect, April 22, 2014

Dr. John Semple, chief of surgery at Women’s College Hospital, received the Cause Leadership Award from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) Ontario Chapter, at the annual CBCF awards event held in Toronto earlier this month.

Dr. Semple was honoured for his leadership in breast reconstruction in breast cancer patients and for his outstanding clinical accomplishments and research in this area.

“Dr. John Semple is viewed by colleagues across the country and around the world as a leader for innovation in surgery and new models for post surgery care,” said the CBCF award nominations committee. “He ensures patients have information needed to be more active participants in their care and are better informed to make decisions about treatment and care.” 

The award was presented by Beverly Thompson from CTV News and CBCF-Ontario's honorary chair, and Christy Teasdale, vice-chair, CBCF Ontario’s board of directors.

The Cause Leadership Award is presented annually to an individual who has greatly advanced the cause-related work of the CBCF through the application of their breast cancer knowledge and expertise.

“I’m thrilled and honoured to receive this award,” said Dr. Semple. “This is a great recognition for the work we are doing with breast cancer and breast reconstruction patients here at Women’s College Hospital, and for our research activity supported by the CBCF.”

Cause Leadership Award
Winner of the Cause Leadership Award Toronto’s Dr. John Semple, WCH chief of surgery, with Bev Thompson, CBCF-Ontario's honorary chair and co-host of CTV’s Canada AM, and Christy Teasdale, Vice-Chair CBCF-Ontario’s board of directors.


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