SPOKE (Surgeon and Patient Oncofertility Knowledge Enhancement) Physician and Patient Option Grids

We have created helpful tools for breast surgeons and patients that summarize the pros and cons of the various fertility preservation options currently available in Canada. One tool is designed for surgeons, and another for patients. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Research Ethics Board has approved both versions.

Patients may want to use this “option grid” to help them think about and discuss some of the complex issues surrounding fertility preservation before their consult at the fertility clinic. You or other members of your team (nurses, residents, etc.) may want to familiarize yourself with some of these options as well. Please feel free to print these option grids and distribute them to members of your team and your patients.

Fertility Preservation Option Grid for Breast Cancer (Patient Version) (.pdf)
Fertility Preservation Option Grid for Breast Cancer (Physician Version) (.pdf)

We recently held a conference for RUBY investigators, during which Dr. Kutluk Oktay presented "The Ins & Outs of Fertility Preservation in Young Women with Breast Cancer." To view this presentation, click here.

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