Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease affecting 3% of the population. Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is an inflammatory arthritis that affects approximately 30% of people with psoriasis and can lead to significant joint damage and disability. Psoriasis and PsA, collectively termed psoriatic disease, involve inflammation of the skin and joints. Patients with psoriatic disease encounter substantial barriers in managing their conditions, which often present simultaneously with other co-morbidities or complications, such as cardiovascular diseases.

With the goal of early detection and delivery of care for these patients to improve health outcomes, our team is focused on understanding the risk factors for developing arthritis among patients with psoriasis. With earlier detection and an improved care delivery, patients can benefit from receiving earlier treatment and possibly even future prevention of the disease.

Psoriatic Arthritis Research Program

The PsA Program at Women’s College Research Institute, is a clinical research program that was founded in 2016 by Dr. Lihi Eder. Dr. Eder is a clinician-scientist and staff rheumatologist at WCH. Her clinical and research expertise are in the fields of psoriatic arthritis, musculoskeletal ultrasound, and cardio-rheumatology. The program includes a specialty PsA Clinic for individuals with PsA that integrates clinical research through standardized collection of clinical information and biological samples. The aim of our research program is to improve the lives of patients with PsA by discovering innovative and efficient ways to facilitate early diagnosis and thus early intervention to prevent morbidity from PsA. With funding from a number of national and international granting agencies (CIHR, Arthritis Society, National Psoriasis Foundation, GRAPPA), our team is currently undertaking research studies in the fields of clinical epidemiology and translational research in PsA.

Dietary Interventions in Psoriatic Arthritis (DIPSA) Study

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Dr. Lihi Eder, MD, PhD

Research Coordinators

Farnaz Bazeghi (Psoriatic Arthritis Program)

Shani Nagler (Cardio-Rheumatology Program)

Fahmeen Afgani (DUET Study)


Dr. Sahil Koppikar, MD, Clinical Research Fellow

Keith Colaco, PhD Candidate

Past Summer Students

Shaima Helal, MD Candidate, Queen's University

Samantha Sarabia, MD Candidate, Queen's University

Curtis Sobchak, MD, University of Toronto

Micaela Jacobson, MD Candidate, University of Ottawa

WanLi Zhou, MD, University of Toronto

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