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Paula Harvey, BMBS, PhD, FRACP

Scientist, Women's College Research Institute
Faculty, Department of Medicine, University of Toronto
Director, Cardiovascular Research Program, Women's College Hospital

Dr. Paula Harvey’s research focus is on cardiovascular disease in women, with a special interest in hypertension, cardiac rehabilitation and cardiovascular disease in patients with autoimmune and rheumatologic diseases. Dr. Harvey’s research explores how blood pressure and the health of blood vessels are regulated by the body – and how this system of regulation may differ between women and men. She is also interested in the role of inflammation in autoimmune diseases in the development of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Harvey works to apply this knowledge to test treatments such as exercise, cognitive-behavioural therapy and medications. These treatments are directed towards finding new ways to improve the health of blood vessels, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks, heart rhythm disturbances and strokes in women and patients with inflammatory diseases.

In the course of her research Dr. Harvey has enjoyed collaboration with colleagues across a variety of disciplines including exercise physiology, clinical psychology, cardiac rehabilitation, rheumatology and clinical epidemiology.

Select Awards

  • Young Investigator, Clinical Research Scholarship, Canadian Hypertension Society, Canada (2003-2004)
  • Cardiovascular Research Award, Pfizer Canada (2007-2010)


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PhD, Clinical Pharmacology, Flinders University of South Australia, 1999

FRACP Australia 1993

BMBS, Flinders University of South Australia, 1986

Areas of Interest

Cardiovascular disease



Lifestyle interventions


  • Fully affiliated with:
  • University of Toronto

  • A member of:
  • Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO)