Molly Gomes

Molly Gomes, seen from the chest up, wearing a black blazer, long black hair, and smiling

Name: Molly Gomes

Researcher/Supervisor: Dr. Lauren King

Area of Research: Osteoarthritis

Molly Gomes, seen from the chest up, wearing a black blazer, long black hair, and smiling

What or who inspired you to join the Emily Stowe Scholars Program (ESSP)?
I came across the posting for ESSP as I was looking for opportunities to get involved in projects focusing on health equity research. I am involved in the Brampton Youth Council (Ruby Sahota) and was seeking a similar opportunity that combined my passion for health with diversity, equity and inclusion.

What was your first impression of Women’s College Hospital?
When I walked through the doors to Women’s College Hospital, I immediately felt at home. Women’s College was a safe and inclusive environment. I felt like I was a part of a community with diverse perspectives. I was grateful to be able to shape the future of healthcare with the Emily Stowe Scholars Program but also contribute to society in a meaningful role at Women’s College Hospital.

What interests you most about the area of research that you’re working in?
Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common disease where the message surrounding it is often misinterpreted – it is not a wear-and-tear disease as a result of aging, but rather a serious condition that affects many adults. OA is associated with long-term disability and reduced quality of life. There are currently no well-established screening or monitoring techniques for early identification of the disease. Therefore, what interests me about this area of research is being able to find ways for individuals with OA to self-manage their disease in order for OA to not interfere with daily life activities. It is important to educate those about the disease in order to find ways to delay the progression of OA.

What do you think you will enjoy the most about being part of ESSP?
I think what I will enjoy most is gaining new perspectives and bouncing off ideas with my peers that are all working in different health disciplines. By being part of ESSP, I enjoy attending weekly sessions where I am able to gain knowledge regarding healthcare and research. I have had the opportunity to shadow clinicians (rheumatologists and arthritis therapists) which has helped provide insight into clinical practice. As such, I am looking forward to participating in research initiatives and am grateful for the mentors that I have.

Personal or professional answers welcome: What is something that makes you smile?
Seeing meaningful projects on women in healthcare at Women’s College Hospital makes me smile and their work towards improving patient outcomes.