Zuha Ali

Zuha Ali, seen from the chest up, wearing a red blouse and long black hair

Name: Zuha Ali

Researcher/Supervisor: Dr. Sheryl Spithoff

Area of Research: Social and Economic systems that transform personal health information into commercial assets

Zuha Ali, seen from the chest up, wearing a red blouse and long black hair

What or who inspired you to join the Emily Stowe Scholars Program (ESSP)?
Growing up, I was always fascinated by science, and I appreciated how science and research answered many of my questions. As I pursue my interests while learning something new and challenging myself, I believe that this program offers me the opportunity to broaden my mind, collaborate, and gain knowledge from others. Finally, I chose to apply to this particular program because of the values it promoted.

What was your first impression of Women’s College Hospital?
Upon entering Women’s College Hospital, I was astonished by how large it was. Additionally, I thought that the building was very beautiful, and I enjoyed admiring the art pieces, architecture, and small displays throughout. Moreover, I thought it was interesting how everything was integrated into a single building. Unlike other hospitals, the actual hospital and research institute at Women’s are all housed in the same building, and I appreciate that integration. Aside from that, I also really admired how welcoming and kind everyone was at this hospital; it helped me feel at ease.

What interests you most about the area of research that you’re working in?
The whole topic itself is very interesting and a lot more complex than I initially thought, but what interests me the most is getting a deeper understanding of how the system works and learning about how the commercialization of our personal health information affects society.

What do you think you will enjoy the most about being part of ESSP?
Being a part of ESSP will, in my opinion, allow me to meet and get to know new individuals from a variety of backgrounds and interests. Additionally, I’m interested in finding out more about various research fields, methodologies, and everything else that goes into producing the final product. Last but not least, I’m eager to be working on a project, learning about the various topics in the specific field of study I’m working in, and hearing about everyone else’s research in this program.

Personal or professional answers welcome: What is something that makes you smile?
The simple act of making somebody smile makes me very happy and goes a long way. Regardless of how small my contribution may be, I am happy to know I helped make someone’s day better.