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Women's Xchange

Women's Xchange

Women’s Xchange is a women’s health knowledge translation and exchange centre based at Women’s College Hospital. Funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Health System Research Fund the centre is advancing the latest knowledge about the health of women to care providers, scientists, policy makers and community leaders. By promoting the development of women’s health research across the province, the centre aims to create a more equitable and sustainable health care system for women and all Ontarians.

The Women’s Xchange has three areas of focus:

  • Building the Capacity of Women’s Health Researchers: Women’s Xchange is raising the profile of women’s health researchers in Ontario and creating opportunities that facilitate collaboration. The Womens Xchange website profiles the endowed Women’s Health Research Chairs and Women’s Health Scholars in Ontario and their research programs. The website also has a comprehensive list of women’s health researchers in the province of Ontario. A key role of Women’s Xchange is to serve as the go-to place for sex- and gender-based analysis, resources and support. The tools provided on the WomensXchange.ca website and the support and expertise available through online and personal consultation will encourage researchers to include sex and gender in their research, so that their work leads to a better understanding of women’s health.
  • Enhancing Research in the Community: The $15K Challenge is a competition that provides funding to researchers and community organizations across Ontario to conduct research to advance the health of women and girls. The initiative allows community groups to come forward with research ideas and partner with academics to study important questions. Ultimately, these projects will benefit local communities and some may be developed further provincially and beyond.
  • Supporting the Uptake of Women’s Health Research Findings: Women’s Xchange invites women’s health researchers and trainees to meet and exchange ideas at conferences and events hosted bi-annually. The ultimate goal of Women’s Xchange is to create a hub of research related to the unique experiences of women and to ensure that research advances clinical care and community programming.

For more information about what the Women’s Xchange can do for you, visit the website at womensxchange.ca

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The $15K Challenge

What would you do with $15,000 to improve women’s health?

We are excited to announce a new initiative to support grassroots research projects across the province.

The $15K Challenge will award $15,000 or more to various organizations who can help advance the health of women and girls.

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Women's Xchange
Women's College Research Institute
76 Grenville Street
6th floor
Toronto ON M5S 1B2

Phone: 416.351.3732 ext. 3755

Email: info@womensxchange.ca

Web: www.womensxchange.ca

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  • University of Toronto

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  • Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO)